Community Focused

We’re building the future of the academy one piece at a time and rely heavily on volunteers and community trade partners to assist in our endeavor. If you have any skill set that would benefit our process, we love to trade fitness for building. Reach out to us today. 

Giving Garden

We are growing food for the community! If you would like to volunteer in our “Giving Garden” please reach out to us today. All proceeds will be harvested at the end of the summer and donated to the Wimberley Food Bank.

Community Center

Our future plans include a community center for Spiritual Growth, weddings, parties and more. If you have any skills to help us in this endeavor, please reach out to us today.

1 Mile Running Track

We really want a 1 mile track to run the perimeter of our property so that our neighbors have another option for the solo fitness goals. Again, we love to trade fitness for building, so if you have tools, resources or skills to help us build our track, please reach out to us today.

Obstacle Course Expansion

It seems the Spartans and Rugged Maniacs are having all the fun these days! Our obstacle course is a great place for training. While it’s a great course at this time, we’re wanting to expand it to be even better. Let’s trade fitness for building! We’re happy to offer fitness classes for your skills and resources.

Suggestion Box

Do you have an idea for Balance Academy? Please contact us today!