Tai Chi

Brenda Bell is a certified Easy Tai Chi Instructor level 3, whose teaching format includes both Tai Chi and 4 Minute Fitness TM.  Infinite nine, Chen style, Yang, Bagua and Tai Chi stick.

Her organization, Tigerlily Easy Tai Chi, is designed to inspire the cultivation of personal chi or energy utilizing Easy Tai Chi as a foundation to develop mind body and spirit. Perfect for BEGINNERS, seniors, working folks, busy people, parents and people dealing with STRESS. Easy Tai chi can be life changing! Tai Chi has been referred to as “yoga in motion” a moving meditation – a powerful key to relaxation, increased focus and concentration.  

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Vinyasa: An energizing, heating and fluid practice focusing on strength, flexibility and balance. Students are educated on how to link movement and breath to yolk the body and mind. Sun Salutations commonly incorporated.

Hatha: Hatha develops a foundation and explains the function of individual poses, breathing techniques and safe alignment for beginners who are interested in cultivating a personal practice or for the experienced yogi who wants focus and depth in their current routine.

Gentle: Gentle Yoga is a slower and softer practice. This class serves as a recharge from the week. It is all-level welcome and is a great place for individuals with physical limitations or injuries.

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Ki Meditation

What is Ki Meditation?

In simple terms Ki means ‘life force’, inner power or inner potential. The primary purpose of Ki Meditation is the free manifestation of this internal energy.

Ki Meditation develops mind, body, and spirit. Our meditation classes involve slow natural body movements, abdominal breathing, sitting meditation, and discussion. Korean Ki Meditation combines the benefits of yoga, Tai Chi, and Zen in one discipline.

What benefits will I get from attending Ki Meditation Classes?

Through Ki Meditation practice, you will relax your body, calm your mind and improve your overall health.

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