We have a few spots left for our last Summer Camp Session! THIS Monday July 23 – August 3.

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2 Week Camp Sessions at Warriors of Wimberley

Summer Camp Sessions:

SESSION 1: JUNE 11 – 22
SESSION 2: JULY 9 – 20
SESSION 3: JULY 23 – August 3

Monday through Friday, 9AM – 3PM
Additional hours are available up to 6:30 pm

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The Warriors of Wimberley Summer Camp will offer boys and girls ages 7-15 a two-week day camp that offers a variety of activities. Students will have the opportunity to be physically active with Hapkido lessons, hover board games, and obstacle course training in addition to Ki Meditation and nurturing of the Giving Garden to maintain balance. Each camper will be responsible for a small square in the community garden where they will plant and nurture a vegetable of their choice. All proceed will be harvested at the end of the summer and donated to the Wimberley Food Bank.

The summer will be divided into two week sessions. You can enroll in one or as many sessions as you like.

Our camp is located on 5 beautiful acres in the heart of Hill Country.

You can track our progress by visiting our Facebook page “Warriors of Wimberley Summer Camp” Your kiddos will love it so much they will want to come back again and again and again!!

They will enjoy……

~Hapkido (self defense training)
~Hover Board Games
~Outdoor Obstacle Courses
~Building their own Balance boards
~Rope Climbing
~Balance Wars (knock each other off a log)
~Building a Garden (all food donated)
~So Much More!!!

They will grow stronger both physically and mentally. They will learn to work as a team. They will learn personal responsibility. They will have more fun than they can imagine!!!!

Enrollment begins April 10th. You can call now to reserve a spot. They are going to go fast!

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